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LArchiv – Archive of Austrian Landscape Architecture

Facts and files on history of Austrian Landscape Architecture

The LArchiv is designed to safeguard landscape architecture’s future legacy. Since 2017, its resources have been archived in Vienna at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (BOKU) and the Institute of Landscape Architecture. Run by Prof. Lilli Lička, Dr Ulrike Krippner, and Dr Roland Tusch, the archive has a scientific focus and can be accessed by scholars, teachers, and interested parties. The collection concentrates on the twentieth and twenty-first centuries and covers the geographical area of Austria. In 2019, the LArchiv helped found the European Network of Landscape Architecture Archives NELA.

We welcome new living bequests and estates as well as your donations.

Research on landscape architecture has hitherto been incomplete and awareness about the profession’s history has been sketchy, especially with regard to more recent works and actors. Archives help to close these gaps and establish continuity between past, present, and future. The LArchiv collects and stores data and documents relating to the history of landscape architecture in Austria in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. This will safeguard the future legacy of landscape architecture. It also means that the materials in the archive are accessible to support research, teaching, and practice. The holdings and the research conducted into them elucidate the biographical trajectories of landscape architects and are a record of planned and built projects. The archive materials make it possible for socially relevant issues to be explored, while also contributing to the development of training programmes and of the profession itself.

The LArchiv was established in 2002 by the Institute of Landscape Architecture together with landscape architects Brigitte Mang and Michael Mellauner. Since 2017, it has been run by Lilli Lička, Ulrike Krippner, and Roland Tusch at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna, where the materials have been archived. The Institute of Landscape Architecture, which has the history of the profession as one of its focuses, is responsible for managing and organising the archive. In 2008, the first steps were taken in setting up a digital data collection on twentieth- and twenty-first-century landscape architecture in Austria as part of a number of research projects financed by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF). 

At the sociopolitical level, the LArchiv is tasked with publicizing the idea of open spaces being created as a cultural service. This leads to greater public appreciation, which helps people recognize their importance and supports the sustainable development of these spaces. 

We are happy to take on the living bequests and estates of landscape architects with an Austrian connection. You are welcome to provide us with relevant documents and records at any time.

Statutes (Pdf)

Opening ceremony of LArchiv – Archive of Austrian Landscape Architecture at BOKU Vienna, Jan 24, 2018.

Donauinsel, Entwurf Gottfried und Anton Hansjakob, Wien, 1976; Ausführungsplan Nordteil, Ausschnitt (LArchiv)

Donaukraftwerk Freudenau, Entwurf Team 3C (Wimmer, Schwarz, Hansjakob), Wien, 1989; Schaubild vom rechten Ufer (LArchiv)

Donauinsel, Entwurf Gottfried und Anton Hansjakob, Wien, 1976; historisches Foto um 1980 (Foto: Hansjakob, LArchiv)

Studierende bei der Analyse historischer Archivalien aus dem LArchiv (Foto Krippner)

Siedlung Oberlanzendorf, Entwurf Albert Esch, 1936; gärtnerische Perspektive (LArchiv)

Rosarium Doblhoffpark, Entwurf Viktor Mödlhammer, Baden, 1960; Entwurf (LArchiv)

Rosarium Doblhoffpark, Entwurf Viktor Mödlhammer, Baden, 1960; historisches Foto (LArchiv)

Garten Radio-Radiis, Entwurf Josef Oskar Wladar, Wien, 1936; Schaubild (LArchiv)

Rosarium Doblhoffpark, Entwurf Viktor Mödlhammer, Baden, 1960; historisches Foto (LArchiv)

Rosarium Doblhoffpark, Entwurf Viktor Mödlhammer, Baden, 1960; historisches Foto (LArchiv)

© LArchiv

Garten Dirnhuber, Entwurf Albert Esch, Wien, 1928; technische Perspektive, Detail (LArchiv)

© LArchiv

Garten Tarbuk, Entwurf Josef Oskar Wladar, Wien, 1953; Detail (LArchiv)

© LArchiv

Garten Delfiner, Entwurf Helenium, 1927; Detail (Architektur und Bautechnik 17, 1930, Heft 7, S. 103)

© LArchiv

Yella Hertzkas Höhere Gartenbauschule, Schülerinnen im Rosengarten, Wien, 1926 (Die Bühne 6, 1929, Heft 249, S. 38)

© LArchiv

Garten Feigl, Entwurf Willi Vietsch, 1934 (Der Baumeister 2, 1935, S. 207)

© LArchiv

Detail aus einem Dia-Kasten im LArchiv

© LArchiv

Staudengarten an einer Trockensteinmauer, Entwurf Hanny Strauss, um 1932 (Werbeprospekt Hanny Strauß, um 1932, LArchiv)